Local Blog Roundup

Below is a list of blogs from across the country which deal with the hot topics of the day:

Bizzy Blog – Tom Blumer – AP: Biggest Tax Hike Ever Coming on Jan. 1 Is Only Biggest ‘In Dollars’

Colorado Peak Politics – Staff – COLORADANS TO OBAMA: We’re Just Not That Into You Anymore

The Lonely Conservative – Staff – Have You Gotten a Raise in the Past Four Years?

Doug Ross @ Journal – Director Blue – Democrats: More Wedded to Their Ideology Than to the Rule of Law

Marathon Pundit – John Ruberry – Obama, Who Held Six Midwestern Fundraisers 11 Days Ago, Said He Was Too Busy to Campaign in WI

Red Dog Report – Brain O’Connor – Obama Popularity With Independents Sinks to 35%

Say Anything – Rob Port – Team Obama Doubles Down on Stupid, Calls for Even More Government

Save Jersey – Michael Mulraney – The Silver Anniversary of “Tear Down This Wall”

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