Hold the Soda, Pass the Arugula

Heritage Action’s communications director, Dan Holler, has a new column out this week making the case for food stamp reform. Since First Lady Michelle Obama is so concerned about Americans eating healthy, why not limit food stamp purchases to just healthy foods? As Dan points out:

“Remember, cookies, cakes, pastries and salty food in school vending machines were an early target for the First Lady. She claimed, ‘There is no reason why we can’t have water, healthy juice drinks in vending machines, granola bars, trail mix, whole-grain sandwiches.’

“Earlier this year, the infamous Ezekiel Emanuel lauded the First Lady’s campaign, which ‘has already begun to change the way the food sector — producers, restaurants and grocery stores — approaches its youngest customers.’ If you buy into Mrs. Obama’s logic that access to foods with ‘empty calories’ like soda undermines the administration’s effort to ‘enhance the health of the school environment,’ there is ‘no reason’ that such restrictions should not be placed on food stamp beneficiaries. It is time she – and her husband – paid similar attention to those purchasing food at the expense of their fellow citizens.

“According to a Bush-era document, more than one-quarter of all benefits go toward food items not considered ‘basic.’ If that ratio holds true today, taxpayers are spending more than $20 billion a year so food stamp recipients can buy non-basics like soft drinks, candy, cookies, snack crackers and ice cream.”

You can read the full article here.

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