Heritage Action’s Week in Review 6-1-12

Our press mentions this week were focused on a few key areas: the farm bill and the highway bill.

Farm Bill:

The Hill: Club for Growth and Heritage Action have played central roles in mobilizing conservatives in recent months, exerting particular influence with the large Tea Party caucus.

1450 WHTC: The conservative Club for Growth and Heritage Action say they’ll push Tea Party fiscal hawks to defeat the Senate Farm Bill over new commodity spending and not enough food stamp cuts. The groups expect to key vote the Senate bill – punishing members on the groups’ annual scorecards for voting for the bill.

Highway Bill:

The Hill: But the conservative Heritage Foundation’s political arm is urging lawmakers to support Broun’s motion.

“Taxpayers, as opposed to users, are left on the hook when spending on highway and transit programs outpace revenues coming into the HTF,” Heritage Action for America said in an alert to its members.

“[The Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users], the disastrous 2005 transportation bill, resulted in more than $30 billion in general fund transfers,” the group’s email continued. “The Broun Motion to Instruct would maintain the ‘promise’ of the Trust fund, ensure sustainable funding levels and protect taxpayers from yet another bailout.”

CQ (subs. req’d.): Conservative groups, such as Heritage Action for America, threw support behind the initial motion, which is not binding on conferees but will test the strength of the GOP caucus’ tea party-backed faction.

Roll Call: However, the conservative Heritage Action group, which has become increasingly influential with some conservative Members of the House, announced today that it would key vote Broun’s proposal.

Politico’s Morning Transportation: Shuster, a member of the whip team, told MT he expects about 60 votes in favor of the Heritage Action-supported motion, perhaps as many as 80.

 CQ (subs. req’d) quoted our CEO, Michael Needham, in an article about conservative organizations dismay that the House Republican summer agenda does not paint in bold, bright colors:

“‘The House needs to show the American people what the Republican Party stands for and remind them that the Senate hasn’t acted on House-passed legislation,’ said Michael A. Needham, CEO of Heritage Action for America, the lobbying arm of the conservative Heritage Foundation think tank. ‘The American people must decide what they prefer.’”

“Needham said Republicans need an agenda that shows they stand for extending the 2001 and 2003 tax rates to avert ‘Taxmaggeddon’ at year’s end. ‘Focusing on the usual business that fails to show a fundamental contrast [between the two parties] steps on the narrative that Republicans have learned from their past mistakes,’ he said.”

Our communications director, Dan Holler, was interviewed by One News Now regarding the dangers and lack of necessity for the Law of the Sea Treaty:

“‘And what General Dempsey said was basically look, if we don’t get this treaty, we’re going to operate just the way we have been. We’re still going to be able to preserve our sovereignty; we’re still going to be able to project force,’ Holler accounts.”

Congressman Mike Pompeo (R-KS) also mentioned us in an interview with The Washington Times where he discussed his Energy Freedom and Economic Prosperity Act, which we key voted (emphasis added):

“The bill is revenue neutral and supported by every major conservative group, such as: Americans for Prosperity, Americans for Tax Reform, Club for Growth, Council for Citizens Against Government Waste, Freedom Action, Heritage Action, National Taxpayers Union, 60 Plus Association and Taxpayers for Common Sense. It gets rid of every tax credit related to energy; it favors no company, no person and no energy source. It treats them all equally. That is the American way.”

And finally, our scorecard was used by Fair Lawn Patch to measure the conservatism of a Congressman running for re-election.

Knowing that we’re helping to influence the political conversation as well as the continued use of our scorecard as the measure of conservatism is a huge win, and it’s all thanks to supporters like you who work to hold Congress accountable.

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