Cloakroom: June 11 – June 15

Senate Cloakroom: June 11 – June 15

Analysis: This week the Senate will begin with a vote on the nomination of Andrew Hurwitz.  He was nominated by President Obama for the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and is best known for crafting the legal reasoning in the landmark Roe v. Wade Supreme Court Case.  Once that vote has taken place the Senate will move on to considering the Farm Bill.  This is a regular five year authorization of a massive bill that includes agricultural subsides, crop insurance programs and food stamps.  The bill is a spending boondoggle and there is expected to be fierce debate and numerous amendments regarding reductions in that spending.

Major Floor Action:

  • The Nomination of Andrew Hurwitz to be a United States Circuit Judge for the Ninth Circuit
  • S 3240 – the Farm Bill 

Major Committee Action: 


The House is in recess this week.

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