An Innovative Solution

Yesterday, The Washington Times observed, “The most powerful nation on Earth is run largely by 24-year-olds.”

The claim – a bit of hyperbole – stems from a wide ranging study on compensation of congressional staff:

High turnover and lack of experience in congressional offices are leaving staffs increasingly without policy and institutional knowledge, a Washington Times analysis of a decade of House and Senate personnel records shows — leaving a vacuum that usually is filled by lobbyists.

The analysis continues:

As the federal government has grown dramatically over the decades, the Congress in charge of overseeing it has stayed the same or shrunk. A recent 10 percent reduction to congressional offices’ budgets is the latest major reduction.

Conveniently, the House considered the Legislative Branch Appropriations measure today. This article could give ammunition to those who are eager to return to an era of big spending. But only in Washington could the concept of “growing government to cope with a growing government” make sense; instead, lawmakers should simply reverse the dramatic growth we’ve seen over the past decade. And fortunately, The Heritage Foundation has just such a plan!

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