53% of Americans Favor Repeal of Obamacare

Oh, wait, sorry, Obamacare is apparently a turnoff to some people.

The new healthcare law, or the Affordable Care Act, or the government takeover of the healthcare industry – whatever you want to call it – is still unpopular. Who knew? What with the U.S. Supreme Court deciding whether the law is constitutional and all, it’s really a surprise that the American people don’t much care for it.

Fifty-three percent of likely voters favor repeal of President Obama’s signature legislation. Forty-four percent of those polled strongly favor repeal, compared to just 28% who strongly oppose. Thirty-nine percent at least somewhat oppose.

At the end of the month we should have a ruling on whether the law and it’s individual mandate – the provision which forces Americans to enter into the health insurance market whether they need it or not – is unconstitutional. Democrats have already planned for the provision to be overturned, and are readying the troops to run sob story after sob story about the miniscule amount of the population that will actually be adversely affected if the law is overturned. Never mind the massive percentage of the population that will be adversely affected if the law is upheld. That doesn’t fit their narrative.

Regardless of what the Supreme Court decides, the law is set to cost far more than originally thought, and far more people will lose their current health insurance due to those higher costs. The law must be fully repealed no matter what the Court rules.

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