Worst Budget Chair in Senate History

Heritage Action’s director of Senate relations, Tripp Baird, has written a column for Townhall detailing the failure of the current Senate Budget Committee Chairman. It has been over 1,100 days since the Senate has adhered to its lawful duty and passed a budget. Tripp then compares him to the House Budget Committee Chairman, Paul Ryan (R-WI) and how their approaches to steering taxpayers funds would work in the private sector:

“Imagine a fledging[sic] car company hires a new chief executive who is tasked with not only presenting a plan to turn the company around, but building support for the plan among key players in the company and then implementing the plan. The man is respected by his peers, and is known to talk a good game. He’s smart, knows how to work the media circuit and is seen among industry analysts as the guy who is capable of bringing everyone together. But several years later, the company is still struggling and his influence has been marginalized.

“What would happen in the real world? The executive would be booted out by the company’s board and ridiculed by the media for his compensation package.

“This composite executive is, of course, Kent Conrad.

“Now, compare this to an executive who has all the same qualities, but is also a leader capable of rallying his company’s stakeholders around his plan and thus begin the process of implementing real change and turning around the company. This executive would be touted as a turnaround expert who can hold any position he desires.

“This composite executive is, arguably, Paul Ryan.

“Why the comparison? Both men chair their respective budget committees – Senate and House – and are seen as fiscal leaders of their respective political parties – Democrat and Republican.

“The distinction between chairmen Conrad and Ryan is painfully obvious to anyone outside Washington: results. Whether you agree with the Ryan Budget or not, there is absolutely no argument he has reshaped the GOP agenda. It is not just numbers on a page, but rather a sweeping set of priorities that are now widely accepted within the party.”

You can read the entire column here.

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