Watch Out for Media Spin on April Jobs Report

If you watch the news or read the articles this morning, you’ll see two numbers: the unemployment rate, and the number of jobs added in April. What’s missing from those reports? One of the main reasons why the unemployment rate dropped is because a large number of Americans gave up looking for work. You have to look hard to find that number.

The unemployment rate dropped to 8.1%. That would be cause for celebration, but only 115,000 jobs were added last month. By comparison, about 154,000 jobs were added last month, so it’s a definite slow. Don’t expect to hear that, though. In fact, one cable network ran a headline on their morning show claiming that companies “increased” hiring this month. Laughable!

What the liberal media won’t tell you is that an additional 522,000 Americans are “not in the labor force” any longer. Read that again, more than half a million Americans gave up looking for work last month.

How is that good news?

Of course, the liberal spin will not mention that number, because it goes against their narrative that the Obama Economy is working. Instead, they will try to claim that adding a mere 115,000 jobs in a month and the unemployment rate dropping a tenth of a percent is good news. Tell that to the half-million Americans who last month gave up on our President’s economy.

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