The New Great Deal Society Party

Heritage Action’s communications director, Dan Holler, has a new column out this week about Congress continuing the big-government work of the New Deal and Great Society programs. First, the Export-Import Bank was reauthorized and then, two amendments failed – one by Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-KS) and the other by Rep. Austin Scott (R-GA) – which would have eliminated duplicate and wasteful government agencies. But Dan sees an upside:

“But before you get terminally depressed, none of this means the New Great Deal Society Party has replaced the Tea Party. In fact, there are reasons to be optimistic that conservative voices around the country – and a strong core of conservative lawmakers in Washington – are laying the groundwork for conservative policy victories.

“Just look at the facts.

“Last time Congress reauthorized Roosevelt’s Export-Import Bank it was by unanimous consent. In just six short years, it has become a defining issue for the conservative movement. We now have people in Congress willing to make the case against Johnson’s Economic Development Administration. And, the results from Indiana demonstrate the American people are not itching for a return to FDR and LBJ-style governance.

“Even in the midst of bipartisan reaffirmation of New Deal and Great Society programs, House Republicans managed to jumpstart a serious conversation on spending, welfare reform and defense. While the reconciliation measure, designed to replace the arbitrary defense cuts contained in last year’s absurd debt deal, fell short in some aspects, Republicans deserve credit for beginning the conversation.”

You can read the entire article here.

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