Senate Democrats Vote Against Every Budget Proposal

Yesterday, Senate Democrats unanimously voted against every budget proposal brought to the floor. In the words of Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner: “we don’t have a definitive solution…we just don’t like yours.”

Last month, Senator Kent Conrad (D-ND), Chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, claimed that he would produce a budget for the upcoming fiscal year. And, just like the previous year, he turned around and refused to actually do so. As a result, Senate Democrats offered no budget of their own, and instead voted against every proposal offered by Republicans that would actually put our nation on a path to fiscal sanity.

The most interesting – and telling – vote was for a proposal offered by Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) on behalf of President Obama. Senate Democrats – for the second year in a row – voted unanimously against a Democrat President’s own budget.  Senate Democrats claimed they did so because it was not actually the President’s budget, which was the same excused used by House Democrats when the proposal was unanimously rejected in the House. The reality is that if Democrats felt that way, and agreed with President Obama’s budget plan, then they could have introduced the budget themselves, but surprise, surprise they didn’t.

So to recap: five budgets were proposed, and Senate Democrats voted for none of them, and another year will go by without the Senate passing a budget. Who needs the law?

Senate Democrat FY2013 Budget Votes:

  1. S.Con.Res.41, the President’s Budget: 0 Democrat votes
  2. H.Con.Res.112, the House-Passed Ryan Budget: 0 Democrat votes
  3. S.Con.Res.37, Senator Pat Toomey’s (R-PA) Budget: 0 Democrat votes
  4. S.Con.Res.42, Senator Rand Paul’s (R-KY) Budget: 0 Democrat votes
  5. S.Con.Res.44, Senate Mike Lee’s (R-UT) Budget (Heritage’s Saving the American Dream): 0 Democrat votes

Heck, even House Democrats, who are relegated to minority status in the lower chamber, offered up four different budgets. Congressmen Chris Van Hollen (D-MD), Mike Honda (D-CA), Jim Cooper (D-TN) and Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO) offered varying budget proposals. The budgets received 163, 78, 38 and 107 votes, respectively.

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