Listen to Our Conference Call with Senator Jim DeMint

Senator DeMint joined Heritage Action’s Andrew McIndoe and Tim Chapman, along with many of our supporters and activists for a conference call.

Here’s what Senator DeMint had to say about Heritage Action:

The Heritage Foundation has for years had great ideas and good policy, but it’s time that there’s more horsepower behind those ideas. And that’s what Heritage Action has been doing across the country, getting people more informed and engaged and organized and registered to vote.

Play the entireconference call below the break:


Senator DeMint referenced the important work of Heritage Action’s committed conservative activists, like you:

What Heritage Action is doing is informing people, organizing them, and creating mechanisms to provide feedback to House and Senate members. What we need is noise from the outside that says “Stop the spending, stop the borrowing, stop the debt, stop the growth of government.” And the noise level now is a lot more on the other side.

Want to raise the noise level? Get started: check your activist dashboard here.

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