Lee Budget: Bold Reform Americans Need

Last week, Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) introduced a bold budget plan (S.CON.RES.44) that mirrors The Heritage Foundation’s “Saving the American Dream” proposal.   At its core, the budget reorients the federal government towards its constitutionally appropriate role, as opposed to the role envisioned by President Obama and many other big-government proponents.  As a result, the Lee Budget cuts the size of the federal government in half by 2025 and achieves a balanced budget by 2017. This is the plan conservatives have been waiting for!

Upon introducing his budget resolution, Senator Lee laid out the stakes in unequivocal terms:

Americans deserve to define their own financial future. Today, we have a government that mandates, regulates, and controls almost everything we do.  As a result, we have an unsustainable debt, less prosperity, and less economic freedom.  This plan reverses the endless growth of government and empowers individuals to make their own savings, investment, and health care choices, while creating a better delivery system for America’s safety net services, like Social Security and Medicaid.

As The Heritage Foundation explains, the Lee Budget strengthens the core principles that make America exceptional:

  • Limiting the size and scope of the federal government
  • Reforming our entitlement programs so that they ensure real economic protection instead of unrealistic promises no government can sustain
  • Simplifying our complex federal tax code so Americans have greater opportunities to create lasting economic prosperity.

From comprehensive tax reform and overhaul of the regulatory apparatus to real entitlement reform and repeal of Obamacare, the Lee Budget is a remarkable document that, if implemented, would give Americans greater choice and the freedom to improve their own financial future.

As bad news continues to ripple across the Atlantic from Europe and the Senate continues its dereliction of duty (now 1,111 days without passing a budget), the need for serious conservative leadership cannot be understated.  As Heritage Action has said before, despite all the spin and antics from the left and hostile media outlets, we still believe good policy is good politics.  America is fast approaching a point of no return, and Americans will respond positively to lawmakers who put forth serious solutions.  Senator Lee deserves tremendous credit for doing just that.

On Thursday, the Senate will vote on the Lee Budget.  Call you Senators now!  Tell them it is time for a serious solution to our nation’s mounting fiscal crisis and urge them to vote YES on the Lee Budget.

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