He’s Just Not Serious: What Does #7dollars a Month Mean to You?

Updated at 1:53pm

Economist Douglas Holtz-Eakin estimates that President Obama’s student loan side show will result in just $7 a month savings for the students who actually qualify for the taxpayer-funded reduced rate. Read that again: $7 a month.

It is an inconvenient fact that the liberal media and President Obama understandably want to keep buried, but Heritage Action is relying on you to get the word out.

How?  A simple tweet with the simple hashtag: #7dollars.

Remember President Obama’s hashtag #40dollars? It was meant to stir the pot in order to get Congress to pass his payroll tax gimmick, which was a political ploy to distract Americans from the slumping economy. Team Obama’s hope was to have everyone on Twitter discussing what an additional $40 dollars a week in their paychecks (a faulty premise to begin with) would mean. As it turns out, conservatives did a great job of spinning the gimmick right back at the President.

Now, we want to spin the student loan side show back at them with the hashtag #7dollars. We want to know what you would buy with an extra $7 dollars a month. An extra sandwich? A tenth of  tank of gas? Maybe you’d just lose that much change in the couch? Whatever you’d spend that extra 7 bucks on, we want to know!

Take to Twitter and let the President and all those politicizing this issue what you would buy with an extra #7dollars a month.

What are some examples of what #7dollars can buy?

Congressman Rob Woodall (R-GA) gave a great speech two weeks ago about just how absurd this gimmick really is:

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