Earmark Hypocrisy on the Left

Only in Washington could such hypocrisy go unchecked.

While the Washington establishment is attempting to use a minor skirmish over miscellaneous tariff bills (MTBs) to reopen the earmark moratorium, Democrats are attempting to have their cake and eat it too!

The issue is the nearly 1,300 Miscellaneous Tariff Bills (MTBs) which have been introduced to provide tariff relief for specific imported materials. Under House rules, such bills that benefit “10 of fewer entities” are considered earmarks.

In early May, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) attacked House Republican freshmen for “begging” for a return to earmarking. What the campaign committee left out of their attack blog piece is that they, too, support MTBs and are hoping they’ll be reinstated.

Last week, the Wall Street Journal (subs. req’d) hinted at the hypocrisy, noting that “Democrats, enjoying the argument between Republicans, are reluctant to comment publicly, but they support the tariff bill.”

And according to Roll Call, the chairman of the DCCC himself has sought MTBs:

“Among the Democrats who have bills on [House Ways and Means Chairman Dave] Camp’s list are Rep. Peter Welch (Vt.) and Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Steve Israel (N.Y.).”

In fact, Congressman Israel requested 18 separate tariff reductions, for just three companies. If Democrats want to make a political argument on MTBs, they should make sure their hands are clean first.

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