The Flexible Flip-Flopper

Heritage Action’s communications director, Dan Holler, has a column out this week commenting on President Obama’s “hot mic” incident with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and the weak defense of the incident by the administration. President Obama basically said that he needed to tell President Medvedev this because he can’t get anything done with the current Congress. Holler says that is not the case:

“The implication is that President Obama cannot do anything without the support of Congress. That, my friends, is absolutely false.

“Look no further than last week’s announcement that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) would begin regulating carbon emissions from new power plants. President Obama is using regulation to do something Congress would not give him the authority to do. (EPA regulations on refineries are also contributing to higher gas prices.)

“Without consulting Congress and without bipartisan support, President Obama has made it all but impossible for America – the Saudi Arabia of coal – to lower energy costs by building new coal-fired power plants. Remember, on the campaign trail, then-Senator Obama said under his energy plan, ‘electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.’

“Congress disagreed with that plan, but he did it anyway. Coal remains one of the cheapest source of electricity in the United States, and it now faces an uncertain future. If the Clean Air Act is applied as the law states, these new restrictions would apply to existing power plants and even churches, hospitals and schools. According to The Heritage Foundation, these regulations would cause electricity prices to soar, destroying 800,000 jobs and cause some industries to see job losses in excess of 50 percent.”

You can read the full article here.

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