President Obama is Not Pro-Choice

Heritage Action’s communications director, Dan Holler, has a new column this week discussing how President Obama doesn’t want an election based on a choice between himself and a Republican candidate – he wants the election to be a referendum.

But not a referendum on his term – oh, no – he wants the election to be a referendum on what he claims the conservative agenda is. Because that’s how voters often see elections: not based on what the current office holder has done, but what his opponent’s party may or may not be doing. It makes no sense, but the reason for this, as Holler notes, that a referendum on the President will end in his defeat.

Holler writes that Republicans must make this election a choice; a decision about what direction to take our country and who best represents what that direction is:

“Presidential reelection campaigns are historically seen as a referendum on the previous four years. ‘We can’t afford 4 more years’ will be a popular slogan this fall, and the Obama campaign knows it makes any defense of their record politically difficult. Republicans will seize on this vulnerability, and understandably so. Their challenge, however, will be to resist Conventional Wisdom, which says they must only run a referendum on the President’s record.

“While some lawmakers in Washington prefer to be cautious by focusing solely on the President, others recognize a referendum may be a winning political formula, but it is not a formula to save America. For his part, Congressman Ryan said Republicans ‘relish the debate about two futures.’

“That’s a good thing because with our country at a crossroads, Americans deserve a choice. Only by providing the greatest possible contrast between the ‘competing visions of our future’ can we secure America’s future prosperity. President Obama should not try to run from his record, nor should conventional wisdom lead Republicans to run from their plan.”

You can read the full article here.

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