Local Blog Roundup

Below is a list of blogs from across the country which deal with the hot topics of the day:

Centennial Institute – Erin Shumaker – America’s Body Politic Deeply Infected by Progressivism

Doug Ross @ Journal – Director Blue – Ignore the Government Propaganda: The Real Unemployment Rate is 10.9%

Fed Up USA – Stephanie – The Creeping Cost of Consumer Inflation; The Uncertain Employment Market of Low Wage Work

Illinois Review – Staff – March Jobs Report Misses Expectations

The Locker Room – Mitch Kokai – The Federal Tax System is Too Complicated II

The Lonely Conservative – Staff – Do We Really Need More Welfare?

Marathon Pundit – John Ruberry – Nobody Messes With Joe: Stimulus Grant, then Bankruptcy, then Technology Goes to the Russians

Michigan Capitol Confidential – Tom Gantert – Video Shows President Obama, Top Politicians Praising Failed Green Energy Company

Red Dog Report – Brian O’Connor – Science Pokes Another Hole in ‘Global Warming’

Save Jersey – Brian McGovern – So Unemployment Went Down, But Did it Really?

Say Anything Blog – Rob Port – Obama Preparing For Another Round of Solyndra-Type Loans

The Volokh Conspiracy – Todd Zywicki – Now Here’s a Bad Idea- Allowing Discharge of Student Loans in Bankruptcy

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