Local Blog Roundup

Below is a list of blogs from across the country which deal with the hot topics of the day:

Café Hayek – Russ Roberts – One of Private Property’s Biggest Virtues

Doug Ross @ Journal – Director Blue – Here’s The One Chart You Can Show to Any Liberal Propagandist Who Claims GM Paid Its Debt to Taxpayers

Fed Up USA – Stephanie – The 15 Trillion Dollar Party

IC Arizona – Rachel Alexander – Arizona to Ban “Annoying” Behavior on the Internet

Illinois Review – Staff – Obama Derides Capitalism and Promotes Collectivism to AP Reporters

The Lonely Conservative – Staff – Review of Solyndra Loan Rushed Through Treasury to Get Out a Press Release

Marathon Pundit – John Ruberry – Video: Jay Carney Can’t Answer Why Democrat-Controlled Senate Can’t Pass a Budget

The Nerve – Eric Ward – Ex-Im Bank: Boeing, the Legislature, and Corporate Welfare

Right Angles – Donna Martinez – Postal Service Audit Finds $717 Million in Authorized Overtime

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