Lobbyists Eye Lame Duck

The Hill reports lobbyists are seeing Lame Duck as an opportunity.  Post-election legislation promises to be hectic and while some are “terrified,” lobbyists believe is presents a unique opportunity to advance stalled initiatives:

[Kathryn] Lehman [a partner at Holland & Knight] is lobbying on renewing the wind energy production tax credit for one of her clients. The credit is usually considered part of the tax extenders package, but Lehman is pushing for its passage before the lame-duck session, potentially on another piece of legislation. 

“The conventional wisdom is a lot won’t get done until the lame duck, but that doesn’t mean you don’t stop looking for opportunities,” Lehman said. 

Wind has been on the receiving end of subsidies for more than two decades, and industry insiders – including T. Boone Pickens – acknowledge it cannot compete without the subsidies.  In the midst of a larger discussion on taxes and spending, proponents will try to slip an extension of the production tax credit into any “must-pass” legislation.  The Pickens-inspired NAT GAS Act is likely to get another push as well.

It will be incumbent upon conservatives to make sure a Lame Duck sessions does not become an earlier Christmas for the special interest lobby.

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