Heritage Action’s Week in Review 4-6-12

Congress may not have been in session this week, but that didn’t stop Heritage Action from making the news.

The New York Times wrote an article about the failure of the Simpson-Bowles budget last week in the House of Representatives, and our CEO, Michael Needham, was quoted:

“‘We wanted to unify Republicans around Ryan, handle the ‘Mediscare’ attacks from the left, and force the conversation to be between right and left,’ said Michael A. Needham, chief executive of Heritage Action. ‘Bowles-Simpson would muddy the message.’”

Politico’s morning Huddle linked to the piece and included Needham’s quote as well.

Our opposition to the Export-Import Bank also continues to make the news, as the Virginia-Pilot documents:

“But free-market advocates such as the Club for Growth and Heritage Action for America oppose the bank, arguing that it distorts international markets.”

And, of course, our scorecard continues to touted as the measure of conservatism:

RedState: The American Conservative Union (ACU) and the “stricter” Heritage Action ratings…

BlueRidge Forum: Heritage Action runs, in our view, a take-no-prisoners scorecard of Congressional action.

Knowing that we’re helping to influence the political conversation as well as the continued use of our scorecard as the measure of conservatism is a huge win, and it’s all thanks to supporters like you who work to hold Congress accountable.

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