Heritage Action’s Week in Review 4-20-12

The Highway bill continues to garner media attention for Heritage Action:

The Hill: “The conservative Heritage Foundation’s political arm is warning its members about negotiations between the House and Senate about a possible long-term highway bill now that Congress is back in town.”

CQ: “The influential conservative group Heritage Action for America said in a blog post Monday that it was watching Wednesday’s planned vote on the new extension (HR 4348), saying ‘a vote for the 90-day extension enables the Senate-passed bill to become law.’”

Roll Call (Subs. Req’d): ” In a blog post Monday, Heritage Action for America bluntly warned against voting for the 90-day bill.”

Mass Transit: “The buzz this morning is about the conservative group Heritage Action for America’s blog post. Heritage Action concludes in the post, ‘Lawmakers and their constituents should understand that a vote for the 90-day extension enables the Senate-passed bill to become law.’”

Roll Call (subs. req’d) also mentioned our opposition to the Export-Import Bank:

“Amid growing anti-government sentiment within the GOP, the bank has emerged as a cause célèbre for the such conservative groups as the Club for Growth and Heritage Action for America, which have called for its closure.”

In a Politico article about subsidies and supposed subsidies, Heritage Action’s communications director, Dan Holler, was quote:

“‘It happens all the time,’ said Daniel Holler, communications director for Heritage Action for America, who noted widespread support for House and Senate legislation that would provide federal support for natural gas vehicles. ‘You have all these people who promised to end wind or ethanol subsidies and then turned around to vote for a tax credit for natural gas vehicles.’”

This week, we key voted co-sponsorship of the RAISE Act (introduced by Rep. Todd Rokita of Indiana), a bill which will allow employers to pay union workers based on their performance, and not just how long they’ve been a union member. Our key vote was posted on Angry White Boy, an Indiana blog.

Our blog post, Can President Obama Name ONE Clean Energy Success, made an appearance in the blogosphere this week, being posted on Free Republic, Topix, and Diogenes.

And, of course, our Legislative Scorecard continues to be the measure of conservatism. RedState and Independent Mail both used our scorecard to highlight members’ scores.

Knowing that we’re helping to influence the political conversation as well as the continued use of our scorecard as the measure of conservatism is a huge win, and it’s all thanks to supporters like you who work to hold Congress accountable.

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