Axelrod’s Flexibility Moment

President Obama made headlines last month when he told Russian President Dmitry Medvedev that he would have more “flexibility” after winning reelection.  The implication was that Team Obama had plans they were unwilling to share with the American people.

Unwittingly, one Team Obama’s top political advisors played into that narrative this morning on Morning Joe.  When asked by host Joe Scarborough whether “necessary” choices included raising the eligibility age for Social Security and Medicare, David Axelrod dodged the question, saying he would not negotiate on television.  His deflection continued when co-host Mika Brzezinski followed up.

That Team Obama is unwilling to put their cards on the table and present the American people a real choice in November is concerning.  And now, thanks to Mr. Axelrod, we know it was more than a slip of the tongue – it is part of their reelection strategy.

Watch the video.

SCARBOROUGH: how about raising the age people start getting social security and medicare.  

AXELROD: we are going to improve the medicare program, strengthen the medicare program. i am not gonna…you know, you and i can negotiate, uh, when we are in power to do so but we are not going to do it here.  

BRZEZINSKI: that does make makes sense though, doesn’t it? 

AXELROD: that we should negotiate?  


BRZEZINSKI: no, no no. 


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