53% of Americans Oppose Obamacare

According to the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll, 53% of Americans oppose Obamacare, while just 39% support it. Forty percent strongly disapprove, compared to just half of that who strongly approve.

The poll also found that 38% believe the court show throw out all of the law, compared to 29% who think they should just throw out the individual mandate. Only 25% want the law upheld exactly as it is.

One of the most startling finds from the poll was that a whopping 50% of Americans believe the Supreme Court decision will be based on personal politics, compared to 40% who think the decision will be based on the law.

President Obama has made the Supreme Court’s ruling a campaign issue, claiming that justices adhering to the Constitution are “activists.” That is not judicial activism. Judicial activism is when a justice uses their personal beliefs – and not the word of the Constitution – to base their ruling off of.

This President would prefer the Judicial Branch not exist, of course now that it doesn’t appear to be working in his favor. If they find the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional, you can bet this President will be praising them. It’s all politics, all the time for this President.

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