5 Questions with Congressman Doug Lamborn (R-CO)

We continue our Member of the Week segment with a questionnaire with the Congressman. We want you to know the most conservative members of Congress on both a professional and personal level because it’s important to see them as real people, not just politicians. Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-CO) answers 5 questions, some policy oriented and some personal:

Heritage Action: What aspect of government (i.e., program, department, agency) do you want to reform the most? What legislation are you currently pushing or working on to achieve that reform?

Rep. Lamborn: I would like to reform the way Congress spends taxpayer money. First, I want Congress to spend only what it takes in. To do that, we need a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution. Until that time, there are common sense reforms we can take to fix at least aspects of federal spending.

I have introduced H.R. 3778, the Budget Before Borrowing Act. It would require both Houses of Congress to pass a joint budget resolution before Congress could raise the debt ceiling to borrow more money.  The Senate has not passed a budget in three years. Despite that, or perhaps because of that, spending continues out of control. The national debt has increased by $5.8 trillion or nearly 60 percent in those three years.  

I have also introduced H.R. 4386, the Budget for Disasters Act. This bill which would amend the Budget Control Act, the bill passed by Congress last August to raise the debt limit, to place disaster funding under the spending caps as opposed to outside of the spending caps. This small change could save as much as $100 billion over ten years.

We must eliminate accounting gimmicks and make federal spending more transparent and honest.

HA: What’s a piece of smaller legislation, or nominee, that is currently on the agenda but flying under the radar that you feel conservatives should be concerned about?

Rep. Lamborn: I am very concerned this administration will leave our nation vulnerable to a nuclear attack. We are hearing rumors the White House would like to reduce our nuclear stockpile down to 300 from the 1,550 warheads allowed under the new START Treaty.

That, coupled with President Obama’s recent remarks to the Russian President when he thought no one was listening, leaves me deeply concerned that this president could jeopardize our nation’s security.

HA: What do you enjoy the most and the least about being a Member of Congress?

Rep. Lamborn: I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to make a difference in our country. However, it is hard being away from my family and District when I serve in Washington.

HA: What is your favorite thing to do when you are not in Washington?

Rep. Lamborn: I love going to scenic and remote areas of our country (and especially Colorado) whether it be on foot, bicycle, or motorcycle.

HA: What do you miss most about being a kid?

Rep. Lamborn: As a young person, it was always my dream to make a difference in the world, and I still feel that way today.

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