Two Americas

Heritage Action’s communications director Dan Holler has a new column this week discussing the difference between the solutions-based, private sector and the wasteful, dependency of the public sector:

“For the government – and elements of the private sector that depend on government – the boom times continue. The federal bureaucracy has not come to terms with our $15.5 trillion debt and the impact it has on our economy, our quality of life and our national security.

“By all accounts, market conditions should be forcing the government to scale back, operate more efficiently and prioritize. Yet, every time a modest reform is even suggested, the defenders of Big Government go on the offense, throwing out one false attack after another: war on government workers, pushing grandma off a cliff, etc. We’ve heard it all before, and for those in the private sector, it sounds like political opportunism and just cause for termination.”

You can read the full article here.

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