Still Upset Over the ExIm Bank, Sen. Reid Resorts to Insults

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) didn’t get his way Tuesday when an amendment attaching the Export-Import (ExIm) Bank extension and expansion to the House-passed JOBS Act failed. As we reported yesterday, after the amendment failed, instead of continuing with the schedule and voting on the JOBS Act (which passed the House with 390 votes, including 158 Democrats), Sen. Reid huffed, puffed, and delayed the vote.

Had he been a Republican, the late night shows would have had a field day making fun of how childish he acted.

Today, clearly still fuming, Sen. Reid released a tirade upon House Republicans for – get this – not passing a bipartisan Senate bill. According to The Hill:

“‘They are so disorganized, in such a state of disrepair, the House of Representatives, that they can’t even extend the highway bill.’ said Reid. ‘I don’t know what’s in their minds.’

“‘Over in the big dark hole we now refer to as the Tea Party-dominated House of Representatives, we couldn’t do it,’ continued the majority leader. ‘Republicans in the House are talking as if it’s some socialist program that was developed at Harvard or some other radically liberal place. I can’t imagine what their mindset is.’”

First off, Elizabeth Warren probably does not appreciate the Majority Leader knocking her alma mater as the bastion of liberalism. But more importantly, is this childishness really becoming of our leaders in Washington? Isn’t this exactly what they accuse the Tea Party of?

Secondly, while the Tea Party does carry tremendous sway within the House, it does not dominate the House. Legislative domination, if you will recall, was what Democrats had during the first two years of President Obama’s term. Instead, there is a group of small-government conservatives fighting against big-government politicians of both parties. The reason the highway bill has become such a hassle is because the House was trying to pass yet another big-spending boondoggle. Fortunately, conservative lawmakers were not buying it and neither are the American people anymore.

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