SHOCKER: Natural Gas Vehicles on the way WITHOUT Government Subsidies!

Can you imagine a world where private companies take the initiative to provide products that the Americans people want without the government telling them to do so or providing taxpayer-funded incentives?

Well, as crazy as that may sound, it is happening.

On Fox Business this afternoon, contributor Phil Flynn noted that Chrysler has unveiled plans to introduce a compressed natural gas-powered version of its popular Dodge Ram pickup truck. Now, notice that Chrysler is doing this even though the NAT GAS Act has not been passed. Why? Because with gasoline prices soaring, and natural gas prices at an all-time low, the free market has decided that it would be smart to pursue natural gas vehicles:

When host Cheryl Casone told Mr. Flynn there are only 400 natural gas fueling stations across the country, he responded:

“Market forces will create the infrastructure. And you want to know why? Because people are going to want a vehicle where you can get gasoline for $2 a gallon and not have to pay maybe $5 or $6 a gallon.”

He also said that it would not happen overnight, but that wouldn’t occur even with government subsidies. The whole point is this: the free market has seen that gas prices are staying high and rational actors are working to help relieve American’s pain at the pump.

The new duel-fueled Dodge Ram might be ready as soon as this summer, which is light years ahead of when any of President Obama’s “green” energy dreams will be realized.

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