Local Blog Roundup

Below is a list of blogs from across the country which deal with the hot topics of the day:

Bizzy Blog – Tom Blumer – ‘African-Americans for Obama’ Revived; Media Double Standard Obvious

Brutally Honest – Mr. Brutally Honest – Chu Gotta Be Kiddin’ Me Man!

Doug Ross @ Journal – Director Blue – The Curious Case of the Missing $800 Billion

Electric City Weblog – Gregg Smith – What They Forget…

FedUpUSA – Stephanie – FOMC House Testimony: “I’m Full of Crap” (Bernanke)

Fits News – Staff – Clinton Backs Keystone XL Pipeline

The Lonely Conservative – Staff – Obama’s Auto Bailout Paid Off Big for Big Labor and Obama

Marathon Pundit – John Ruberry – Carney: Anybody Who Says Keystone Will Lower Gas Prices is “Blowing a Lot of Smoke”

Michigan Capitol Confidential – Jarrett Skorup – Train Wreck: Amtrak Is a Case Study in Government Waste

Red Dog Report – Brian O’Connor – Fannie Mae Asks Federal Government for Another $4.5 Billion

Say Anything Blog – Rob Port – Obama-Backed Solar Company Laying Off 70% Of Its Work Force

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