Conservatives Standing Strong

With the deterioration over the big-spending House transportation bill, it’s important to note that good conservatives in Congress are still standing strong for limited government principles.

The big-government establishment has not succeeded in co-opting those who are fighting to rescue our economy, as Politico reports:

“But the streak of recent wins for Democrats is quite jarring for some Republicans. It’s gotten so bad for Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) that he has stopped going to House GOP conference meetings. There’s simply nothing leadership can do to get him to vote for the issue du jour — the $260 billion highway bill.

“‘It’s a numbers thing,’ Gowdy said in an interview Thursday. ‘I don’t criticize Boehner for it. He can move to the right and try to pass it out of the House, or you can move to the center and try to pass it overall.’

“Gowdy has no interest in joining the House GOP leadership, which he deemed a club he wouldn’t join even ‘if you quintupled the salary.’

“‘Could you imagine trying to cobble together 218 votes in a conference full of high school student body presidents?’ Gowdy mused.”

Kudos to Congressman Gowdy for standing up for what he believes.

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