As Supreme Court Debates Obamacare, Americans Still Disapprove

Yesterday, a CBS News/New York Times poll show that 47% of Americans disapprove of Obamacare, including 30% who strongly disapprove. This is compared to 36% who approve of the law, including just 16% who strongly approve:

These numbers are largely unchanged from the time the law was being debated and when it was first passed, confirming that despite the Obama Administration’s claims to the contrary, Americans have not warmed up to the law the more they learned about it.

The majority of age groups strongly disapprove of the law more than they approve. Seniors feel the strongest either way on the law, with 37% strongly disapproving and 20% strongly approving. Americans aged 30 and over strongly disapprove of the law. The only demographic that like the law (although not strongly either way compared to other groups) are those aged 18-29, with 30% somewhat approving versus 20% somewhat disapproving.

Looking at the makeup of those polls brings these numbers into light. The poll was skewed against Republicans, who only made up 25% of those polled. Conversely, 32% of those polled were Democrats and 43% were Independents. Both Republicans (76%) and Independents (47%) disapprove of the law more than they approve of it, while Democrats (56%) approve the law. Still, even 24% of Democrats disapprove of Obamacare.

So even with such a liberal lean, 47% of Americans disapprove of the law. That really tells you something. The Supreme Court should take notice.

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