Simpson-Bowles Budget Vote Recap

Yesterday, the House voted on several budgets, including the Cooper-LaTourette Substitute Amendment to H.Con.Res.112, which was based off of President Obama’s fiscal debt commission in 2010. Commonly known as Simpson-Bowles, the budget would have raised taxes by $1.2 trillion over the next decade and reduced future spending increases by about $2 trillion – mostly through cuts to the defense budget. It would have continued the Washington status quo of continuous spending and tax increases to pay for it. The Hill reports:

Rep. Mike Simpson (R-Idaho), who is also involved in the deficit-reduction talks, said Norquist and Heritage Action spooked many GOP members who had been prepared to vote “yes.”

The vote results are below, along with a list of the Republicans who voted incorrectly and the Democrats who voted correctly:

The Simpson-Bowles Budget: Failed by a vote of 38-382
Heritage Action: NO

Republicans Voting Incorrectly:
Rep. Bass, C. (NH-02)

Rep. Buerkle (NY-25)

Rep. Dent (PA-15)

Rep. Dold (IL-10)

Rep. Gibson, C. (NY-20)

Rep. Johnson, Timothy (IL-15)

Rep. LaTourette (OH-14)

Rep. Lummis (WY-AL)

Rep. Meehan (PA-07)

Rep. Petri (WI-06)

Rep. Platts (PA-19)

Rep. Reed, T. (NY-29)

Rep. Shimkus (IL-19)

Rep. Simpson, M. (ID-02)

Rep. Wolf (VA-10)

Rep. Young, D. (AK-AL)

Democrats Voting Correctly:
Rep. Ackerman (NY-05)

Rep.  Altmire (PA-04)

Rep.  Baca (CA-43)

Rep.  Baldwin (WI-02)

Rep. Barrow (GA-12)

Rep. Bass, K. (CA-33)

Rep. Becerra (CA-31)

Rep. Berkley (NV-01)

Rep. Berman (CA-28)

Rep. Bishop, S. (GA-02)

Rep. Bishop, T. (NY-01)

Rep. Blumenauer (OR-03)

Rep. Bonamici (OR-01)

Rep. Brady, R. (PA-01)

Rep. Braley (IA-01)

Rep. Brown, C. (FL-03)

Rep. Butterfield (NC-01)

Rep. Capps (CA-23)

Rep. Capuano (MA-08)

Rep. Carnahan (MO-03)

Rep. Carson (IN-07)

Rep. Castor (FL-11)

Rep. Chandler (KY-06)

Rep. Chu (CA-32)

Rep. Cicilline (RI-01)

Rep. Clarke (MI-13)

Rep. Clarke (NY-11)

Rep. Clay (MO-01)

Rep. Cleaver (MO-05)

Rep. Cohen (TN-09)

Rep. Conyers (MI-14)

Rep. Costello (IL-12)

Rep. Courtney (CT-02)

Rep. Critz (PA-12)

Rep. Crowley (NY-07)

Rep. Cummings (MD-07)

Rep. Davis, D. (IL-07)

Rep. Davis, S. (CA-53)

Rep. DeFazio (OR-04)

Rep. DeGette (CO-01)

Rep. DeLauro (CT-03)

Rep. Dicks, N. (WA-06)

Rep. Dingell (MI-15)

Rep. Doggett (TX-25)

Rep. Donnelly (IN-02)

Rep. Doyle (PA-14)

Rep. Edwards (MD-04)

Rep. Ellison (MN-05)

Rep. Engel (NY-17)

Rep. Eshoo (CA-14)

Rep. Farr (CA-17)

Rep. Frank, B. (MA-04)

Rep. Fudge (OH-11)

Rep. Garamendi (CA-10)

Rep. Gonzalez (TX-20)

Rep. Green, A. (TX-09)

Rep. Green, G. (TX-29)

Rep. Grijalva (AZ-07)

Rep. Gutierrez (IL-04)

Rep. Hahn (CA-36)

Rep. Hanabusa (HI-01)

Rep. Hastings, A. (FL-23)

Rep. Heinrich (NM-01)

Rep. Higgins (NY-27)

Rep. Hinchey (NY-22)

Rep. Hinojosa (TX-15)

Rep. Hirono (HI-02)

Rep. Hochul (NY-26)

Rep. Holden (PA-17)

Rep. Holt (NJ-12)

Rep. Honda (CA-15)

Rep. Hoyer (MD-05)

Rep. Israel (NY-02)

Rep. Jackson Lee, S. (TX-18)

Rep. Johnson, E. (TX-30)

Rep. Johnson, H. (GA-04)

Rep. Kaptur (OH-09)

Rep. Keating (MA-10)

Rep. Kildee (MI-05)

Rep. Kissell (NC-08)

Rep. Kucinich (OH-10)

Rep. Langevin (RI-02)

Rep. Larson, J. (CT-01)

Rep. Lee (CA-09)

Rep. Levin, S. (MI-12)

Rep. Lewis, John (GA-05)

Rep. Loebsack (IA-02)

Rep. Lofgren (CA-16)

Rep. Lowey (NY-18)

Rep. Lujan (NM-03)

Rep. Lynch (MA-09)

Rep. Maloney, C. (NY-14)

Rep. Markey (MA-07)

Rep. Matheson (UT-02)

Rep. Matsui, D. (CA-05)

Rep. McCarthy, C. (NY-04)

Rep. McCollum, Betty (MN-04)

Rep. McDermott (WA-07)

Rep. McGovern (MA-03)

Rep. McIntyre (NC-07)

Rep. McNerney (CA-11)

Rep. Michaud (ME-02)

Rep. Miller, B. (NC-13)

Rep. Miller, George (CA-07)

Rep. Moore (WI-04)

Rep. Murphy, C. (CT-05)

Rep. Nadler (NY-08)

Rep. Napolitano (CA-38)

Rep. Neal, R. (MA-02)

Rep. Olver (MA-01)

Rep. Owens (NY-23)

Rep. Pallone (NJ-06)

Rep. Pascrell (NJ-08)

Rep. Pastor (AZ-04)

Rep. Pelosi (CA-08)

Rep. Peters (MI-09)

Rep. Pingree (ME-01)

Rep. Price, D. (NC-04)

Rep. Rahall (WV-03)

Rep. Reyes (TX-16)

Rep. Richardson (CA-37)

Rep. Richmond (LA-02)

Rep. Ross, M. (AR-04)

Rep. Rothman (NJ-09)

Rep. Roybal-Allard (CA-34)

Rep. Ruppersberger (MD-02)

Rep. Rush (IL-01)

Rep. Ryan, T. (OH-17)

Rep. Sanchez, Linda (CA-39)

Rep. Sanchez, Loretta (CA-47)

Rep. Sarbanes, J. (MD-03)

Rep. Schakowsky (IL-09)

Rep. Schiff, A. (CA-29)

Rep. Scott, D. (GA-13)

Rep. Scott, R. (VA-03)

Rep. Serrano (NY-16)

Rep. Sewell (AL-07)

Rep. Sherman (CA-27)

Rep. Sires (NJ-13)

Rep. Slaughter, L. (NY-28)

Rep. Smith, Adam (WA-09)

Rep. Speier (CA-12)

Rep. Stark, P. (CA-13)

Rep. Sutton (OH-13)

Rep. Thompson, B. (MS-02)

Rep. Thompson, M. (CA-01)

Rep. Tierney (MA-06)

Rep. Tonko (NY-21)

Rep. Tsongas (MA-05)

Rep. Van Hollen (MD-08)

Rep. Velazquez (NY-12)

Rep. Walz (MN-01)

Rep. Wasserman Schultz (FL-20)

Rep. Waters (CA-35)

Rep. Waxman (CA-30)

Rep. Welch (VT-AL)

Rep. Wilson, F. (FL-17)

Rep. Woolsey (CA-06)

Rep. Yarmuth (KY-03)

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