With Payroll Fight Behind Us, The Left Wants More

President Obama and the left thought they were winning the payroll tax cut fight. That’s why they were all too eager to extend the tax cut by two months increments and showed no interest in figuring out how to extend it for the rest of the year (without raising taxes, of course). Fortunately, some members of Congress stepped up and ended the fight.

The left was hoping for multiple two month extensions just to keep the argument alive through the election. By putting the extension behind us, that destructive political gimmick was taken off the table. President Obama, however, isn’t willing to give up the one issue he thought he was winning.

On “Your World with Neil Cavuto” yesterday, Neil discussed with Bill Kristol of The Weekly Standard the idea that President Obama would be pushing for an even deeper payroll tax cut:

This just proves the lack of imagination and vision from this administration – it is their only solution. It is also kind of petty. The tax cut was extended, but because they liked the political message and wanted to keep fighting this battle, now they’re going to call for another ineffective tax cut.

Which begs the question, if the left suddenly believes that tax cuts help the economy, why are they so insistent on massive tax hikes?

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