We Have Been Wasting a Lot of It

This morning on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal, Chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee John Mica (R-FL) quoted his father, who used to say “it is not how much you spend, but how you spend it.”  The Congressman went on to point out the obvious, that “we have been wasting a lot” of money.

Here is the thing with the House transportation bill: it improves how the money is spent AND spends more of it.  The elevated spending is objectionable to conservatives, who correctly viewed 2010 as a mandate from the American people to stop overspending.  Increased spending, even if done so more efficiently, does not reduce the size of government or mitigate our looming debt crisis.

Instead, we should focus on reining in the bureaucracy, empowering states, and cutting spending.  That is a solution conservatives – and Mr. Mica’s father – could rally around.

Key Vote Alert: “NO” on Senate Transportation Bill 

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