The President Who Can’t Commit

“Yes We Can.” “Hope and Change.” “Change We Can Believe In.” “Winning the Future” “Better Together.” “We Can’t Wait.”

The list of President Obama’s slogans go on. Each one was used ad nauseam for a couple weeks (except for the original campaign slogans), and then forgotten. Granted, “Hope and Change” had to be retired, seeing as how the President can’t run on “change” again, since that “change” would be from his own policies. But the rest have all been given up on shortly after their inception. It speaks to a larger issue with this President: his inability to commit.

On Wednesday, President Obama gave a speech at the Boeing plant in Washington State. Aside from the recycled paragraphs from his State of the Union speech, the speech was mostly about somehow bringing manufacturing back to America, mainly by forcing companies to pay the high U.S. corporate tax rate regardless of where they do business. Forcing Americans to pay exorbitantly higher prices for everything made overseas is not an economic stimulus.

Something interesting was mentioned in that speech, something we haven’t heard about for a long time. The President actually mentioned his jobs bill that he begged to have passed last September. For about a month or two, the President crisscrossed the country chanting “pass this bill, pass this bill,” only to give up on it. Now, if he truly believed in that piece of legislation, and Americans liked it as he and the left claimed, why would he abandon it? Regardless of whether it had a chance of passing the House or even the Senate, if this was something so crucial to our recovery, and so important to him, shouldn’t he have fought tooth and nail for it?

Apparently, President Obama has decided that governing is just too difficult, he’d rather campaign. He’d rather fill rooms with supporters who will cheer at everything he says (or the lone woman who always screams “I love you!” to him…seriously, is it the same woman at every event?) than actually make decisions that would affect our country.

Take Keystone, for example. The President did not approve the pipeline, but he basically said he would make the decision after the election.

The President is now “committed” to “fairness,” that is, forcing those who already pay the largest share of taxes to pay even more. Based on his track record, we’ll see how long he actually commits to this. For the sake of the country, hopefully not too much longer, because the falsehoods have been exposed, yet he’s still sticking to them. Maybe his next slogan will simply be, “Just Keep Hoping.”

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