Should The Tax Code Pick Winners and Losers?

Should Congress use the tax code to pick winners and losers? According to Rob Atkinson, the president of the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, the answer is yes:

“Absolutely we should be picking winners and losers. The notion that we shouldn’t is pure ideology, and not based on any evidence.”

No evidence? Has he not seen the failure of the alternative energy sector – which can’t survive without government assistance?

But this speaks to the louder narrative that there are those in positions of power who feel they know better than the free markets and the American people. We pointed this out earlier in the week with Senator Jerry Moran (R-KS), who said:

“There are members of Congress who feel we ought not to pick winners and losers, to let the markets decided. I believe it’s better to get this industry up and running, then let the country decide… rather than pull the rug out overnight.”

This is exactly why the government needs to stop picking winners and losers. When the few think they know better than the many, you get nanny-state politics, centralization and corruption.  If you want to know how that works, look at Europe, which is collapsing.

America needs to return to its roots of self-governance and free market principles. It worked just fine until liberals decided Europe was a better model. Besides, if the other way worked, we’d all be using SynFuels now.

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