President Obama’s Budget Hypocrisy

We expected President Obama’s FY2013 budget to be a political document; a budget that rewarded those he thought deserving (like “green” energy companies) and punished those he felt were undeserving (like banks and oil companies). We expected a big hit to the Department of Defense. But, we did not expect to find “cuts” that President Obama and his allies on the left deride and demagogue their political opponents for trying to enact.

Take the EPA, for example. Last December, Republicans added a rider to the payroll tax extension that would have reduced funding for the EPA. Scott Slesinger, the legislative director of the Natural Resources Defense Council, issued a statement lamenting the decision:

“Leaders of both parties say Americans need this tax cut. What we don’t need is more pollution, more health problems and more environmental problems. And that’s exactly what House Republican leaders just gave us, adding unrelated anti-environmental riders to the payroll tax bill.”

Last October, President Obama claimed that the Republican jobs plan boiled down to “dirtier air, dirtier water, less people with health insurance.

Yet in his 2013 budget, he proposes a 1.2% decrease in funding for the EPA. Wait, I thought cutting anything from this department would lead to less healthier Americans.  Even though funding for the EPA is still through the roof thanks to year-after-year of massive growth, the move reeks of hypocrisy.

Last September, MSNBC’s Martin Bashir blamed proposed GOP budget cuts for the deaths of 16 Americans who contracted listeria from cantaloupe last year. This year, President Obama’s budget would eliminate the nation’s only program that checks fruits and vegetables for deadly bacteria:

“The budget plan the president sent to Congress Monday would ax the Agriculture Department’s tiny Microbiological Data Program, which extensively screens high-risk fresh produce throughout the year for bacteria including salmonella, E. coli and listeria.”

I am not casting any judgment on policy here, just simply pointing out what the liberal media will refuse to do: highlight this hypocrisy.

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