House to Alter Transportation Bill

House Republicans have decided to give up on their 5-year $260 billion transportation bill (H.R.7). Instead, they are looking for a shorter-term bill, though it remains unclear if that revised bill will address some of the serious concerns raised by conservatives. According to CQ (sub. req’d):

“The revamped bill will retain such provisions as project expediting and environmental streamlining. Additionally, the bill is expected to continue to link infrastructure funding to an expansion of energy production.”

As we’ve said before, any expanded oil and gas exploration revenue should be used to pay down the deficit, not as a way to increase spending. Big-government liberals figure out creative ways to justify more spending, not good conservatives.

The original bill contained some decent reforms, which should have been used to justify spending cuts – you know, so they don’t spend more than transportation taxes bring in. According to some sources, the new bill might reduce funding below current levels. Trust but verify!

Our nation is over $15 trillion in debt, we can’t afford to continue increasing spending by increasing revenues. Spending must be cut so our deficit can be contained. Continued government spending to create temporary jobs hasn’t worked before, and won’t work in the future.

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