Heritage Action at CPAC: Friday

4:50pm We close today with a speech from former House Speaker and current Presidential Candidate New Gingrich. He, like Mitt Romney, gave a nice long list of promises that should either of them win the Presidency, we conservatives will have a checklist to hold them accountable. Some of the promises listed by the Speaker:

  • Have Obamacare, Dodd-Frank and Sarbanes-Oxley repealed by the newly elected Congress and waiting on his desk for him to sign on his first day.
  • On day one, he would pass an executive order to abolish all czars.
  • On day one, he would pass an executive order to approve the Keystone pipeline
  • On day one, reinstate Ronald Reagan’s Mexico City policy
  • On day one, repeal all acts of religious bigotry from this Administration.
  • Eliminate the capital gains tax for investment
  • Enact a 12.5% corporate tax rate
  • Abolish the Death tax
  • Allow businesses to expense new equipment at 100% for one year
  • Ensure that anyone who signs up for unemployment enrolls in a business-led training course
  • Eliminate the EPA
  • Speed up the FDA
  • Eliminate the Department of Energy
  • Audit the Federal Reserve

Conservatives need to always be skeptical of campaign promises, because we learned from President Obama just how easily those can be broken, or how subtle promises can be kept.

3:30pm Congressman Allen West is currently giving a speech about the choices we face not only as conservatives but as Americans, and the differences between us and liberals. He is also talking about how liberals believe that left up to our own devices we are just greedy people who would never help anyone else. This does seem to be the governing principle of the Obama Administration. It’s like they’ve never heard of a charity before? Well, apparently President Obama hasn’t, he only donated 1% of his multi-million dollar earnings last year to charity.

The truth is that America is the most generous nation in the world, without the government telling them to donate.

3:00pm Talk Show Host Laura Ingraham discussed the need to hold conservatives accountable from now on. The Republican party may have lost its way and given in to the big-government establishment, but with the rise of the Tea Party and conservative activists across the country, that will never be acceptable again.

1:51pm Former Massachusetts Governor and Presidential candidate Mitt Romney outlined his vision for America, and nicely laid out a list of promises in event he is the Republican Presidential candidate and in the even he wins the Presidency. It makes for a handy checklist for conservatives to hold him accountable should he win.

He also fully embraced his record in Massachusetts and his record as a businessman, something the media has been hoping he would run away from.

The fact of the matter is that no matter who wins the nomination, and should that person win the Presidency, we conservatives must hold them as every bit accountable as we hold Congress and President Obama. It’s far easier to accept the big-government status quo and embrace higher spending and higher taxes than it is to actually stick to the conservative principals that would rescue our economy.

1:30 pm Congressman Mike Pompeo, who currently has an 81% on our Legislative Scorecard, sat on a panel discussing the challenges that the conservative freshman class faced this past year, and what they have enjoyed. In closing, he mentioned that he takes great joy in being able to now call Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi “Minority Leader.”

12:20 pm Ann Coulter delivered a speech in her usual comical style, and spoke about how if Obamacare is not repealed in the next administration (assuming a Republican wins the White House) then it is here to stay. This is why conservatives need to remain steadfast in their opposition to this legislation and keep calling for it’s repeal.

11:15:am Former Senator and current Presidential candidate Rick Santorum spoke about what is needed to turn our country around. He began by saying what helped lead to the problems we face today:

“Conservatism did not fail our country, conservatives failed conservatism.”

Indeed he is right. For too long in Washington, big-government Republicans have increased spending, added earmarks, and gone against their conservative principles in exchange for political expediency. Now we’re facing the results of that deflection, and it’s why the Tea Party movement was born and why we need to get back to our conservative roots and return our country to the prosperous nation it once was.

11:00 am The Governor of Virginia, Bob McDonnell, discussed how conservatism has helped turn around the state of Virginia. When Gov. McDonnell took office in early 2010, he inherited a $6 billion deficit from his Democratic predecessor. As we all know, President Obama wants to blame all of the problems in this country on the debt and deficits he inherited. The difference here is that Gov. McDonnell actually did something about his deficits.

President Obama’s response was to increase the deficit by over $500 billion, up to over $1 trillion a year for three straight years (and on track for a fourth year). He raised taxes, increased regulations, and threatens even higher taxes and more regulations.

Gov. McDonnell, on the other hand, did not raise taxes. Instead, he cut spending by $4 billion, including defunding the abortion provider Planned Parenthood. Because of this, Virginia has now had budget surpluses of about $1 billion, the unemployment rate in the state stands at 6.2%, and they were named the number 1 business-friendly state in the country.

These reforms not only rescued the state, but also helped lead Republicans to gain control of the State Senate from Democrats. It proves that adhering to conservative principles not only work, but also win elections.

9:35 am Jordan Sekulow, the Executive Director of the American Center for Law and Justice, is hosting a panel on the role of faith, life, and family in our culture and the 2012 elections. He just brought up the fact that despite the fact that liberals are the ones who constantly tell conservatives to keep religion out of politics, we currently have a liberal President and a liberal administration that are forcing politics into religious institutes!This morning is already off to a roaring start with an opening speech by former-Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee. He reminds us all that the conservative movement is not just about fiscal issues, but social issues – the social issues which this country was founded on.

Liberals would like us to believe that religious beliefs are waning in this country, but they’re wrong. Poll after poll show that the vast majority of Americans continue to believe in God, even with the attacks on religion perpetrated by the left.

Gov. Huckabee brings up President Obama’s recent Prayer breakfast where he had the audacity to suggest that Jesus believed the rich should pay higher taxes. Gov. Huckabee denounces that claim and suggests that people who pay the taxes they already owe – like Secretary Treasurer Tim Geithner.

We, as conservatives, must focus on the fiscal issues facing our times, but we can’t forget what else is important to the American people. President Obama’s attack on religion cannot be forgotten, and it cannot be forgiven.

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