Heritage Action at CPAC: Saturday

5:25 pm Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin closed CPAC with her speech about – what else, but – how great America is. During her speech, a group of Occupy Wall Street protestors interrupted, but the CPAC crowd quickly drowned out their chants with their own chant of “USA, USA.”

Gov. Palin continued her speech, and capped a great weekend of conservative discussions about conservative values and principles.

5:20pm Grover Norquist, President of the Americans for Tax Reform gave an exceptional speech about – you guessed it – the need to keep taxes low and to not raise them. He brought up the fact that both President Reagan and H.W. Bush were fooled by the left into accepting tax hikes for spending cuts. As we learned twice before, the tax hikes were permanent, but the spending cuts never happened, and it’s why we cannot believe the left now when they claim they’ll cut spending in exchange for tax hikes.

3:40 pm Currently, there is a panel discussing the differences between the Tea Party and the Occupy Wall Street movement. Some key differences were noted:

  • If you raise an American flag in front of the two groups, the Tea Partiers will stand and put their hands over their hearts, while the Occupiers will burn it.
  • Tea Partiers actually believe in their ideology and will promote it for free, while the Occupiers need to be paid to protest (those here in D.C. are being paid $60 a day).
  • Tea Partiers protest for less government, while Occupiers want more government. They want the government to provide everything for them from cradle to grave.
  • The Tea Party cares about this country, the Occupiers only care about themselves.
  • The Tea Party was not only fed up with big-government liberals, they were fed up with big-government Republicans.

1:10 pm Paul Begala of CNN and Tucker Carlson of The Daily Caller went head-to-head while answering multiple questions ranging from the wars to domestic policy. I think Paul Begala agreed to be the liberal talking head for the segment solely so that he could insult several hundred conservatives to their faces (he called us “trolls”).

Luckily, Tucker Carlson was there to remain poised and not stoop to such a level. Begala even parroted President Obama’s prayer speech by claiming Jesus wanted higher taxes. The scripture quoted “for unto whom much is given, much shall be required,” doesn’t mention taxes. President Obama, and Begala, think that it means to soak the rich and treat them like the government’s personal checkbook, while more likely, Jesus was talking about being charitable to those who are down on their luck.

Charity, not redistribution of wealth.

11:40am Florida Governor Rick Scott is currently discussing how he his policies turned Florida around after the recession. When he was inaugurated, Florida’s unemployment rate was over 12%, one of the highest in the nation. In just one year, he has dropped that percentage to 9.9%. Still too high, but more than 2 percentage points in just one year. Compare that with President Obama’s record, in which unemployment was raised by 3 percentage points and has taken twice as long to drop as much as Florida’s unemployment rate has.

Because of Gov. Scott’s commitment to responsible budgeting, rather than tax hikes, Florida’s credit rating has been upgraded, and for the first time in 20 years, Florida has reduced it’s deficit instead of growing it.

10:55am Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton is discussing what Reagan’s foreign policy would look like today. While discussing allies, Mr. Bolton said that if you want to know how to treat your allies, watch how President Obama treats Israel, and then do the exact opposite.

The final day of CPAC is off and running! The Governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal, started the day off with an inspiring speech about the need to get good conservatives into Congress and into the White House.

There is currently a great panel taking place on illegal immigration, and the fact that the wait time for some high-skilled workers to come to this country in order to advance their ideas is over 100 years. Basically: don’t hold your breath.

We do need to reform immigration law. If someone is willing to leave their country, leave everything they know behind in order to take a chance in America – legally – then they need to be able to do that. But we also need to secure our borders and keep our citizens safe.

Stay tuned throughout the day for more CPAC updates!

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