Gas Prices to Hit $4 a Gallon this Summer

Every year, gas prices spike as we approach the summer driving season, and then come back down in the fall. Unfortunately, for the past few years, prices have failed to drop significantly, remaining high through the winter.

Remember the high gas prices of 2008? Well after that summer of $4 a gallon gas, prices fell back to around $1.80 per gallon that fall. Since President Obama has taken office, however, gas prices have been much higher.

The average cost for a gallon of gasoline is currently $3.52. This is a 38% increase from this time last year. During the summer months, the price is expected to spike about 60 cents, putting the national average over $4, possibly even breaking the record.

If gas prices reach that high, our economy will be in serious trouble, as will President Obama. Americans know that projects like the Keystone XL pipeline would have alleviated some of the burden – and created jobs – but President Obama decided to pass on it. If gas prices spike as predicted, then Americans will know exactly who is to blame.

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