State of Dependency

Heritage Action’s communications director Dan Holler wrote his Townhall column this week on the growing number of Americans who rely on the federal government for sustenance – whether it be welfare, food stamps, housing assistance or anything else. As of 2009, 21% of Americans rely on the government (i.e. they take more from the government than they contribute). Instead of helping these people learn to provide for themselves, the current system of welfare – along with misguided rhetoric against success spewing from the current Administration – keeps them in their current status, as Dan points out:

“Of course, many of these folks have no desire to be dependent upon government. They have become a byproduct of relentless growth in government programs, which combined with the rapid growth in the number of Americans not paying federal income taxes, has created a dependent class. As Heritage’s Bill Beach notes, ‘Dependence on the federal government for life’s many challenges strips civil society of its historical and necessary role in providing aid and renewal through the intimate relationships of family, community, and local institutions and governments.’

For this dependent class, the American Dream is nothing but a mirage. Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness are words without meaning. Individualism and self-worth are whittled away. Economic growth is the answer, but it will not solve the dependency problem entirely; in part because government is not the only source of dependency.”

Read the full article here.

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