Retailers Ask Obama for an Advantage

Yesterday, the National Retail Federation (NRF) wrote a letter to President Obama asking him to promote their priorities during his State of the Union (SOTU) address. Now, the Constitution guarantees us all the right to petition the government, so there is nothing inherently bad with such a request.  Problems only occur when a particular business group lobbies to distort the market in their favor.

This is a big problem with the Washington Establishment and the Bigs. Special interests lobby for their priorities in order to get an advantage over another sector of the economy. Tax breaks are usually how “fairness” is doled out in Washington, and it needs to stop. All businesses should have the same opportunities, which is why loopholes and special interest deductions need to be removed.

As Heritage Action’s Michael Needham and Tim Chapman wrote:

“There is a great awakening of sorts that is sweeping the nation right now. Decades upon decades of Washington taking power from the people have been noticed. The collusion between the Washington Establishment and “The Bigs” is now apparent to average Americans. It was this great awakening that created the tea party movement and it was the tea party in 2010 that fired the first shots in the war.

“The central question of this defining period of time in which we live: Will the Tea Party, with all its iconoclastic energy and goals, succeed in defeating the Establishment? For the country’s sake, let’s hope the answer is yes.”

Rather than focus on solutions to specific industry problems, we need to create an environment for all businesses to succeed (or fail) on their own merit. By calling for corporate tax reform and more free trade, there is much to like about what the NRF is asking for. We just have to make sure solutions are not tailored to any one industry.

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