Pressure Builds for Oil Pipeline

President Obama ended 2011 continuing his claim that he was for the middle class and for jobs. Of course, we know that he is only for jobs that can guarantee massive special interest votes (you know, jobs that require more government spending). The evidence? His stalling of the Keystone XL pipeline from Canada, which would create thousands of jobs (oddly enough, many of them union), lower energy costs and reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

By okaying the pipeline, the President might get the votes of the union workers who actually get one of the thousands of jobs. By delaying the decision, he has assured nearly the entire environmentalist faction would help his re-election efforts. The President most certainly did the math, and the environmentalists won.

But perhaps he was a bit too hasty. Former “Car Czar,” one of the 30-some odd unaccountable czars the President hired when he was still new to office, has come out in defense of the pipeline, telling MSNBC’s Morning Joe panel that:

“We need the energy, we need the jobs, and it can be done in a safe way.”

So the person that the President hand-picked to oversee the bailout of GM and all things vehicles thinks the pipeline would be a good idea? Maybe the President should listen to his former advisor.

This pipeline endorsement comes on the heels of Jack Gerard, President of the American Petroleum Institute, saying that it would be a “huge mistake” for President Obama not to approve the pipeline, and that if he rejected it; he would face “huge political consequences” during his re-election bid.

The building of the Keystone pipeline encompasses many of the President’s desires: it creates jobs, lowers gas prices and reduces our dependence on foreign oil. The only problem? The private sector is funding it, not his big-government policies.

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