Pres. Obama Will Reject the Keystone Pipeline

Multiple news outlets are reporting that President Obama and the State Department will reject the Keystone XL pipeline, which would run from Canada to Texas, create thousands of jobs, lower energy prices and increase energy trade with our friendly neighbor to the North. Considering it is an election year, creating jobs and increasing energy access are not only important, but good politics. It’s not like President Obama constantly claims to “pivot” to jobs or anything.

What’s the Administration’s reasoning? Well, aside from caving to environmental lobbyists, the President has said that the 60-day deadline that was put into the payroll tax cut extension was not enough time to make a decision. It wasn’t enough time even though the proposed pipeline was three years in the making.

The President says that a new pitch for the pipeline would still be considered, but how long will this take? We need jobs and lower gas prices now and this pipeline could do both. It is absolutely absurd that our President would forgo jobs in order to appease special interests.

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