Obama is Stagnant, Not Surging

A new article by our Communications Director, Dan Holler, delves into the phenomenon that is President Obama’s December poll number boost. Every December since taking office, President Obama has received a slight bump in his poll numbers. The liberal media – predictably – pounce on these blips as if they are the beginning to a trend and impressive re-election. This has never been the case, and Holler points out:

“If a statistical anomaly constitutes a compelling “trend” worth reporting, it begs the question why not report the subsequent data. In just one week, his approval/disapproval went from +2 to -9. While an 11-point slide is newsworthy (especially in this climate), it does not tell us a whole lot. It would be a stretch to proclaim this is evidence that President Obama’s support is crumbling and his reelection chances are nonexistent. Instead, it simply confirms the new normal for President Obama: an approval rating stuck in the low to mid 40s.”

Read the full article here.

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