Heritage Action’s Week in Review 1-27-12

It was a busy week for Heritage Action! Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) and Heritage Action CEO, Michael Needham, co-wrote an op-ed about the payroll tax cut extension that was published in The Washington Examiner. It was also linked to in The Salt Lake Tribune and The Washington Post.

On Tuesday night, during President Obama’s State of the Union address, Congressman Doug Lamborn (R-CO) participated in an online chat with Heritage Action, which received coverage in numerous media outlets:

Politico: HUDDLE NOTE: A source tells Huddle that Lamborn plans to watch the State of the Union address while participating in a live chat hosted by Heritage Action for America.

Opposing Views: In a statement released by his office, Lamborn said he decided “to pass” on attending the speech on Tuesday night, though he will watch it on television and participate in a live chat hosted by the right wing group ‘Heritage Action for America.’

Canon City Daily Record: Also voicing his opinion was Rep. Doug Lamborn, who elected not to attend Tuesday’s State of the Union because he opposes Obama’s policies.”I declined to attend the SOTU in order to send a clear message that I do not support the policies of President Obama, but respect him and the office,” Rep. Doug Lamborn said during an online chat with Heritage Action. “These include his recent “recess appointments” to the NLRB and newly-created Consumer Protection Board, the rejection of the Keystone, draconian cuts to defense, and deficit spending.”

Radio Colorado College: To read last night’s online chat with Representative Lamborn, click here. (The official post-chat description from Heritage Action is here.)

Our COO, Tim Chapman, was quoted in Your News Now for the conservative pre-response to President Obama’s State of the Union address:

“If he’s just campaigning and there’s no real policies that are going to get us out of the mess we’re in, I think people should hold that against him,” said Timothy Chapman, Heritage Action for America COO.

Mr. Chapman also appeared on the Fox Business Network to discuss the issues with SOPA and PIPA.

Speaking of SOPA and PIPA, Variety posted on their Wilshire & Washington page that Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) will be voting against PIPA, citing our key vote as a possible reason for such dissention:

Brown’s opposition may be an indicator of how the issue will play as an election issue, given that some of the bill’s detractors have vowed to work to defeat key supporters in Congress. The conservative Heritage Action Committee came out against the legislation on Tuesday, potentially influencing other members of Congress on the right.

We also received an unexpected mention in the men’s magazine, GQ. In a piece discussing the GOP Presidential field with the Congressmen of South Carolina, our scorecard was used to distinguish Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC):

“Jeff Duncan, of the 3rd District, is the quiet one—also, richly tanned, broad shouldered. He has the highest rating on the Heritage Action for America’s conservative scorecard, the new litmus test for Republicans on Capitol Hill.”

Looking towards the coming 2012 battles, Roll Call dropped our name when alluding to last years’ fights:

“Despite their strong showing in 2010, conservatives have increasingly found themselves at odds with House leaders. Heritage’s political wing, Heritage Action for America, became embroiled in an ugly dust-up between Speaker John Boehner’s (Ohio) leadership team and the Republican Study Committee during this summer’s debt ceiling debate, and the group’s decision to urge opposition to a number of bills supported by leadership has further strained relations.”

Our CEO, Michael Needham, was also quoted in Politico in a piece about highway funding:

“’For decades, earmarks were a currency in Washington that led to a bigger, more intrusive government. The practice needs to be ended permanently, and when it comes to transportation, we need to move away from federal control, allowing states to handle their own affairs,’ said Heritage Action for America CEO Michael Needham.”

He was also quoted in openDemocracy to discuss Social Security:

“Rick Perry, the governor of Texas who is running for the Republican nomination, in reference to this shortfall called the programme a ‘Ponzi scheme’. Mike Meedham [sic], chief executive of Heritage Action, a conservative policy-advocacy organization [sic], is more measured but equally clear in saying: ‘Everybody on the right in this country knows that social security is on a fiscally unsustainable path.’

“‘The country was not in the mood during the Bush presidency,’ adds Meedham [sic]. ‘Now Americans are realizing [sic] we are at a tipping-point, we see in Europe what the future could be.’”

The Wall Street Journal also quoted Mr. Needham in a piece about the breakdown of the Congressional freshmen class in terms of voting records:

“An analysis contrasting the voting record of the freshman class with Republican veterans shows ‘almost no difference,’ says Mike Needham of Heritage Action. The Heritage Action scorecard found that the average conservative vote rating among the freshman was 73%. That was only slightly higher than the 70% average for veteran Republicans.”

Our Political Director, Russ Vought, was quoted in CQ discussing the little know Export Agency:

“‘Republicans should be attempting to sunset corporate welfare programs such as the Ex-Im Bank,’ wrote Russ Vought, political director at conservative Heritage Action for America, last July.”

Our Legislative Scorecard also continues to be used in the campaign for representing Illinois’ 16th district:

McHenry County Blog: …[Manzullo] maintains a score of 84 from Heritage Action (his opponent scored 62) in the latest legislative scorecards from the conservative organizations.

The continued use of our scorecard as the measure of conservatism is a huge win, and it’s all thanks to supporters like you who work to hold Congress accountable.

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