54% of Americans Favor Repeal of Obamacare

According to a recent report from Rasmussen, a steady majority of Americans continue to oppose President Obama’s healthcare takeover – and want it repealed. Fifty-four percent of likely voters want Obamacare to be repealed, and nearly as many – 52% – believe that repeal is likely.

President Obama and the left needs to take notice. Rasmussen has held this poll since Obamacare was passed in early 2010. But the latest Kaiser poll shows that Independents and seniors do not like Obamacare. Just 29% of Independents support Obamacare, and only 31% of seniors (from any political party) support the law.

So, a majority of Americans disapprove of the healthcare takeover, and an even larger percentage of Independents and seniors don’t like it. How much more evidence does the President need to know that it was a colossal failure?

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