Washington Press talking about NAT GAS Act

A wide-ranging piece in today’s POLITICO highlights the lack of energy-related legislation moving through Congress this session.  Reading between the lines, you can see that the NAT GAS Act (H.R.1380) is still front-and-center in closed-door conservations.  From the piece:

Also still on ice: … and environmental policies, a T. Boone Pickens-backed plan to boost natural gas vehicles…

Plenty of bipartisan ideas are out there, including the latest variations of the Pickens natural gas plan, which is backed by both Reid and Burr. … But the lack of bicameral and bipartisan dialogue on Capitol Hill so far spells trouble for anything substantial getting through anytime soon.

Rumors are swirling on Capitol Hill that elements of the NAT GAS Act will be included in a final, year-end spending bill.  For Americans still rightful upset over the Solyndra debacle, such action is unfathomable.

As Heritage Action and others have consistently pointed out, subsidies are wrong; and it doesn’t matter whether the government is subsidizing wind or oil, solar or natural gas vehicles.  These technologies should be allowed to compete, on a level playing field, with one another – and may the best one win.

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