Sen. Schumer’s Mixed Messages

This morning on MSNBC, Chuck Todd reminded Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) it was common for the Senate to propose a bill, then the House proposes their own bill, and then the two sides come together in a conference to negotiate a compromise. Sen. Schumer responded that:

“Now in Washington, you know Chuck, we all know in Washington it’s time-honored. When you want to kill something but not have your own fingerprints on it, send it to a committee.”

So committee’s are pointless, Sen. Schumer? Funny that he says that now, considering he voted for the Budget Control Act in August which created the super committee. (Strangely enough, Sen. Schumer doesn’t tout this vote on his website.)

Maybe that’s because he knew it was a bad deal. In early November, Sen. Schumer in fact claimed the super committee would fail. If sending something to a committee is a failure, why did he vote for the Budget Control Act? What are we to think of Sen. Schumer’s own committees? Does he believe they are a waste of time as well?

Sadly, this is all par for the course in “official Washington.”

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