Heritage Action’s Week in Review 12/2/11

We were mentioned regarding a broad range of topics this week, despite Congress being in a holding pattern and not taking up many bills. The two parties are trying to negotiate deals such as a payroll tax cut extension, an unemployment insurance extension, a massive omnibus spending measure and much more. We are working hard in each of these areas, which should all be coming up for votes in the coming weeks.

Our Legislative Scorecard continues to be a useful tool across the country as bloggers in many states use it to rank their Members of Congress. In Tennessee this week, blogger Ben Cunningham posted the Tennessee delegation so that his readers can know how conservative their Representatives are.

Western Hero also used our CEO Mike Needham and COO Tim Chapman’s October Real Clear Politics article about the corrupt nexus of the Washington Bigs – Big Government, Big Labor, Big Business, Big Energy, etc. In a post about capitalism’s axis of evil, Western Hero explains how the root of Wall Street’s gambling and tax aversion stems from government’s ability to be bought.

Speaking of the Bigs, Big Energy has been taking a hit, ever since Congressman Mike Pompeo (R-KS) introduced H.R.3308, a bill which would eliminate all energy subsidies. CQ wrote a piece about the opposition to further energy subsidies:

“‘If we’ve learned anything from the Solyndra debacle, it’s that politicians do a terrible job trying to prop up their favored energy industries,’ a coalition that includes Americans for Prosperity, the Club for Growth and Heritage Action wrote earlier this month.”

And finally, a blog we wrote about President Obama failing to follow his own advice from two years ago was picked up by Guy Benson of Townhall in a piece about how President Obama and the left are attacking conservatives for supposedly caring more about the wealthy than “the 99%.”

Your steadfast commitment to conservatism is what drives us. Getting noticed by the press and real conservative bloggers outside the beltway is how we know we’re making a difference.

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